Our Affiliate Program pays you $10 Per Month For Every Web Hosting Customer You Refer To Us, or refer just 3 people and your account is free!

Refer 50 Customers - Profit $500 Per Month
Refer 100 Customers - Profit $1000 Per Month
Refer 1000 Customers - Profit $10,000 Per Month

When we say we want to earn your business - we really mean it. We don't pay you just once like most other hosting companies do. We pay you EVERY month, for as long as the web hosting customers you refer stay with us. $10 per account - per month is an unbeatable referral deal, especially when you consider that most other hosting companies charge a premium or force you to prepay for "X" number of accounts before you can resell their services.

You get the same awesome benefits of being an actual hosting reseller without any of the hassles. You don't have to provide customer support and you still make the same amount you would being an actual reseller for hosting services.

If you don't think you can easily get 100 people to sign up with us, please look over our offer again. No one can offer what we offer because no one can get a deal like we have with The Warrior Group. A hosting company offering instant plug-in sites proven to make money is unheard of. Plus the 30,000 private member forum comprised of some of the very best marketers, webmasters on the web, all the Web marketing tools you could ever need and $10 per month commissions for referring people to us makes for an incredible web hosting offer that people find hard to resist

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