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Even if you don't have a web site or any products to sell, you can use our pre-maid web sites to get into business on the web quickly... You keep 100% of the profits.

Even if don't have already have a product to sell on the Web, we've created complete sites to sell some of the hottest selling products on the Internet and made them available to you - ready for your name and address. Just plug in your information and start taking your own orders. We even show you how to get set up to accept credit cards immediately for free.

These sites are exclusively available to our web hosting customers, nobody else can use these sites. Plus we have one product that only our customers can sell. No one else on the Web can sell it and we are creating even more in the coming weeks, months and years. With three of the products you keep of the profits yourself. Where else can you find a hosting company that does all this?

Cyber-Detective Complete site ready for your name and address. Sell Cyber-Detective for $24.95 and pay the creator only $2.50 for each one you sell. Cyber-Detective has already produced millions of dollars in sales and is only growing stronger. Millions of people are coming on the net by the month and this product attracts almost everyone.

E-Mail Marketing Strategies Complete site ready for your name and address. E-mail Marketing Strategies Revealed by Bryan Kumar is a fantastic e-book needed by all newcomers to the Internet who want to make money. Sell it for $19.95 and put the money in your pocket. This deal is only available to our customers.

eBay Marketing Secrets Complete site ready for your name and address. Thousands of people are making money on eBay every day. It is easy to get into and the profits can be incredible. eBay Marketing Secrets shows people how it's done. The author of this e-book has made a living at it for the last few years. Sell it for $9.95 to $15.00 and you keep all the profits.

Internet Cash Machines Complete site ready for your name and address. This e-book written by Allen Says sells like mad. You will be offering your customers an unbeatable deal with this one. Plus, there is a potential for unlimited back-end profits just by selling the e-book. Sell it for $14.97 and keep all the money for yourself.

When you sign up for one of our web hosting accounts, you can take all these sites, put them up on your domain and be in business instantly. All you will need is the ability to accept credit cards and we can show you how to do that in minutes, without having to spend hundreds on a merchant credit card account or at any additional cost to you whatsoever.

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