Zer0-Net Web hosting Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Zeronet web hosting ?
How long does it take to have my Zeronet web hosting account set up?
Do you offer hosting for foreign domains and as well as domestic domains?
Can I see a demo of the shopping cart software in action?
What is web virtual hosting?
What is the ZeroNet web hosting Control Panel?

Can I transfer my current domain name to Zeronet hosting free of charge?
How am I billed for my ZeroNet web hosting account each month?
What level of technical support does ZeroNet web hosting provide?
What is the forum with 30,000 members?
Do you have a detailed online support manual?
Why are you offering all this?

How do I contact 0-net web hosting?

Please feel free to use our website contact form to get in touch with us via email, or give us a call at:1-877-696-1536. A Zeronet web hosting support specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.

How long does it take to have my web hosting account set up?

Your 0-net hosting account will be set up the same business day! Once your account is setup an activation notice will be sent to you via e-mail including your user-ID, password, and your IP address.

Do you host foreign domains and as well as domestic domains?

Yes we can provide web hosting for domestic domains, foreign, world sites and more. Our tier-1 data architecture makes us a global hosting provider.

Can I see a demo of the shopping cart software in action?

Yes, we have set up a very simple demo for you to try out. Although the demo we have set up is very simplistic, it only contains one product category and just 4 products, our shopping cart can support an unlimited number of products and product categories. Our cart can also add taxes, calculate shipping charges by weight and more. Click here to try our demo cart now.

What is virtual web hosting?

Virtual web hosting is an option that allows a company or individual to lease part of a server to store their website's data, instead of paying for an entire web server, with more space than they actually need. As part of our virtual web hosting we provide a dedicated IP address which is static as opposed to a shared IP which is not.

What is the web hosting Control Panel?

The Control Panel is an easy to use web based tool that allows you to manage your web hosting account and administrate you website. Upload files, create files, create password protected directories and much more.

Can I transfer my current domain name to you free of charge?

We do not charge anything to transfer a domain. When you open your Zeronet web hosting account just indicate on order form whether it is a new domain you would like hosted or one you want to transfer from another company.

How am I billed for my web hosting each month?

We will automatically bill your card each month on the same day you signed up. A charge will appear on your credit card in the amount of $24.95 every month for hosting service. If you refer people to us and get only 3 people signed up your service is free. Your card will still be charged each month for $24.95 but you will also get a check from us for $30 so your hosting would be free plus a small profit to boot.

What level of technical support do you provide?

When you have a server or web hosting related question simply send us an e-mail with your name, domain name and a detailed explanation of the problem you are having. We answer all server related e-mail immediately. We can't provide support for 3rd party scripts that you may want to install however, that level of support should be provided by the vendor or provider of the script.

What is the forum with 30,000 members?

When you sign up for web hosting with us you immediately receive a lifetime membership to The Warrior Marketing Group. You can learn more about the Warrior Group by visiting http://www.thewarriorgroup.com. The Warrior Group is a private marketing association with members world wide. The group is responsible for many of the most popular marketing strategies on the Internet today. The Warrior Group Forums are without a doubt the #1 private marketing forums on the Internet. None come close to it. Everything you can ask can be answered in this forum and the contacts you can make are incredible. Some of the biggest names on the Internet are members, people like: Jonathan Mizel, Carl Galetti, Mark Joyner, Anthony Blake, Ken Varga, Paul Hartunian and many more.

Do you have a detailed online support manual?

Yes. We have a detailed online support manual that is so complete it cuts our support questions to almost nothing. Our customers don't have to ask much because our manual explains everything with detailed step by step instructions.

Why are you offering all this?

Mainly because no one else is. We looked at the Internet for a long time and asked ourselves, "What is it that people need most?". We discovered that it was a web hosting company who could make help make websites more profitable from the start. People need to experience the excitement of taking their own credit card orders and they need to experience it fast. New people need the support of other experienced people. That is why we teamed up with The Warrior Group. TWG has created hundreds of successful Internet Marketers. Some have gone on to literally become millionaires with their own businesses. You won't believe what you are going to find when Allen Says sends you your membership info. As soon as you enter the private site you will know you made the right choice.


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