One Of The First Secrets To Making Money Online Is Making The Right Contacts...

 Making great contacts can explode your income overnight. That's not an overstatement. When I created my first site I was only making like $20 a day. I was only accepting checks. I thought it was hard, even impossible for me to accept credit cards. That was back when there was no such thing as ClickBank, Paypal..etc. Now anyone can accept credit cards very easily. Not so back then.

One day I was browsing through various ads and came across a fellow saying something about merchant accounts. Instead of just visiting his site like most people I emailed him directly. To make a long story short, we became friends and a matter of days later I was accepting credit cards and averaging over $200 a day. (I've pulled in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year ever since. But how long would it have been till I found the truth if I hadn't met that one person?)

That's the kind of difference one simple contact can make in your life. That's also the kind of difference being a member of the Warrior Forum can make in your life. Members will testify that no forum on the Internet comes close to it. Hundreds of members are where they are today because of the contacts they made and ideas they got from their forum.

 In the Warrior Forum you can...

  • Make Partnerships
  • Discover New, Incredible Ideas
  • Get Help On ANY Subject
  • Ask For Site Reviews
  • Do Joint Ventures
  • Get New Resources In Minutes
  • Make Special Offers To Members Only
  • Get Immediate Solutions To Problems
  • And much much more...

The Warrior Forum is an "Internet Family" unlike anything people have ever seen before. As I was writing this letter I decided to ask in the forum for a few members to post what they think about the forum. (The post is still in there and you can read it when you access the forum) Here's what a few of them had to say...

Click Here To Read Their Stories

Take This Time To Click On This Link And Read What Actual Members Had To Say. If You Don't It's Not Possible To Understand Us And How We Truly Can Help You.

How's that for satisfied members? I don't know of any other forums online that can honestly post testimonials like that. We've been here making friends and money for 6 long years and we'll be here as long as the Internet lasts, ready and willing to help anyone who needs it.

The Warrior Forum is now a part of ZeroNet Business web hosting Package why not Join us today...

Allen Says

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