If You Don't Know How Every Link On Your Site Performs, You Don't Know How Much Money You Are Losing!

 I found out something years ago that was absolutely amazing. A single change to a link on your site can double, even triple the clicks it gets. All you have to do to maximize your profit is make every link perform at its maximum.

With normal web site stat programs this is hard to do. Most of them are not very accurate. That's where the TrackThisHit.com software comes in. You simply set up a tracking link for the links on your site that you want to track and test.

On the various sites I have tested, I've seen ebook downloads literally triple with just a few changes in the wording of the link. If the links on your site are weak and you don't have a tracking tool, you'll never know they are weak. You'll never discover that you can easily triple the clicks on a single link just by changing a few words.

With your a TrackThisHit account you can:

  • Track Up To 1000 Different Links
  • Create Split Run Tests
  • Get Daily Results In Your E-Mail
  • Track Hits On Affiliate Links
  • Track Classified Ads
  • Track E-Zine Ads
  • And Much More..
Why do fishermen test different baits? Because one bait catches more fish than another. It's the same with any ad or link you place anywhere on the net. One will attract more people to you than another. If you don't know which one is best, you are working against yourself.

Start maximizing the profit from everything you do today by getting an account with TrackThisHit. A TrackThisHit account is included in the ZeroNet Business web hosting Package.

Allen Says

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