From Members Of The Warrior Forum

When Allen Says requested Testimonies from us - his members, “The Warriors” I jumped at the chance to give something back and in the future so will you!

I joined the Warriors Site & Forum sometime ago (I think it was back in 1998 or before even) and in that time, I have learned a great many things. The Warriors have enabled I & my family to live a new lifestyle. It’s a fact money will change your life and great gobs of money will change everything you ever thought possible for you and your family.

Back in 98, I was a Maintenance Man (a punch-out guy) for an Apartment Complex making $8.00 an hour (if I was lucky) and at night went to computer school. Some nights for extra money, I painted those same apartments for $75 each. I was working 15 hours or more a day. On the weekend; when I wasn’t “on call” and didn’t have the beeper; I played with my computer. I had always heard about Life Changing Money but “What’s that mean, Where is it and how does it happen”? This was my quest; “there’s got to be a better way than this…” is what I told myself!

The answers to these questions are never on the surface, plain for everyone to see or everyone would have, everything they ever wanted. One day while playing with my computer, I found the Warriors and I never looked back.

It all starts with trying! Congratulations should be given to you, my “Soon to be Warrior” friends for playing with your computer and reading these testimonies. This shows you’ve taken the first and most difficult step toward changing your life and that of your family’s. Also you’re apparently looking into things and asking yourself questions; that’s why you’re here. I believe these to be two basic traits found in all Warriors, so you will fit in and are welcomed in to this very unique group people.

Once you’ve looked and asked questions, you need a willingness to implement what you’ve learned. If you haven’t read it yet, I’m sure you will soon… Allen says, “Just one little idea from the Warriors Site/Forum can make you $1,000’s of dollars a year”. BELIEVE IT! How about Hundreds of 1000’s dollars a year?!

The very first thing I saw… was that “one little thing” Allen spoke of… it stood right out for me. It was Webcompiler.exe. Webcompiler was the program Allen used for Magic Letters back when I joined in 98.

Hell, I couldn’t even get into the to the front door of the forum, before I found something I could use and learn from. This is NO joke; I was still setting up my Affiliate link… and it hit me, like a ton of bricks. These Warriors are on to something here… it was, “Viral Marketing”, this is before that phrase had even been coined. Am I brilliant to see such a thing? I don’t think so. It was all laid out in front of me; all I had to do was read, ask questions- then listen to the answers and most importantly ACT on what I learned! Remember, all the support and help in the world, can’t help you, if you don’t help yourself!

I won’t load you down with my business details, lets just say I enable others… but personally, wow!

I’ve finished computer school (now I can use a mouse, lol). I work from home- for myself 4-5 hours day. I golf 3 times a week and I take golf trips all over the country for a week or two at a time. I drive a 2002 Jaguar V8 Vander Plas. My Sister drives a new Jaguar XK8 and her kids go to private schools. My Mom got a brand new kitchen (from the floor up). My brother has been able quit his job and has spent his time building our software company for the last two years; during this time, his wife and son have never wanted for anything… that I know of. I take small salary of $80,000 a year. I paid corporate taxes last year of $180,000. I paid taxes on personal K1 income of $470,000 and my corporation grossed over 3M. Is everyone in my family on the payroll? You better believe it! Did the Taxman gut me anyway? You bet your bibby he did… what problems to have, huh? My list goes on but I’ll spare you!

If you’ve spent any time looking around for a work from home program… then you’ve probably seen me and or my minions. We are (Home of, Dare To Succeed)

Did I do this alone? No way! I’m a Warrior for life!

Just joining the Warriors on the first day, gave me the seeds of ideas to make loads of money. The Warriors have saved me loads of money and saved me loads of my now, very valuable time but where am I now… on a Friday night? I’m here in the Warriors Forum, (like so many others) helping soon to be Warriors.

Welcome my new friends, your future awaits you!!

Stephen Dismang, CEO
Y.E.S. Marketing & Distribution Systems, Inc.
Brandon, Fl.


What can I say about the Warrior's of internet marketing forum?

An absolute incredable collection of successful people from around the world. Millionaires, CEO's and Home based business owners come to meet and share their collective knowledge and help freely those in need.

I have benefited measurably from the Warriors, through the associations and friendships that have developed specifically from this incredable resource. I have never met such a willingness and openess in the business world as I have found here, literaly millions of dollars in advice, consulting and hard tangable step by step blue prints of how to make incredable amounts of income have and continues to be freely given here.

I personaly made triple the amount of the membership fee back in the first week just from the savings I learned here about software, income opportunities and time savings of effort to develop my own autoreponse and marketing tracking software. Let me tell you this, when ever there is a scam or someone that is trying to take advantage of or has taken advantage of people it is brought up here first. Even before the mass public finds out you will find warnings about it here weeks to months before. When I look for news about business I turn here first, when I want to get a deal on website or software design or programs I turn to the Warriors first. I have saved in the tens of thousands of dollars over the last few years specifically due to this forum and great bunch of people.

There are something like 30-35,000 members? Very successful and respected people in thier fields are members. If you want true access to this quality of people, I have paid tens of thousands of dolars in boot camps and one on one consulting to get what is offered here FREE of charge by the members, You would be making the biggest mistake in your life to skip this opportunity to become a member.

Wow, I don't know really what else to say about this forum other than it is better than cash in the bank because the measly investment I made to become a member back in 1998 has and still continues to pay dividends every single week.. Savings of over $15,000.00 and income opportunity's and money made from the networking and deals I have made well let's say it is quite a lot. This isn't just talk or smoke to get you to become a member it is my own real experience, this by far was the best investment I have ever made in for my financial future and in my business and professional life..

Get in, read the hundreds of thousands of posts and benefit the way all of us who are members do, contribute your own experiences and stories and become part of this vast community. The people are REAL, they tell it like it is and speak from the heart, it is like one big extended family..

Terry Crim


The Warrior Forum has been like an old, comfy shirt that I just can't get rid of ... not that I want to, of course! :o)

Since joining years ago, I have moved on to my own bigger and better things (much to the help of fellow warriors) but I can't help but constantly go back to my "comfort zone." It's set as my homepage and has been set there for years.

I would never have had the courage or "know-how" to start my internet business if I hadn't joined the Warriors. I don't even remember who introduced me to this group or exactly when I joined (I know it was WAY back when 'email marketing' or spam was a common issue). It has grown so much since then and I am very proud to have been a part of it all this time.

It has definitely been a huge part of the foundation of my internet business. I wouldn't be where I was today without this great group of friends! :o)

Diane C. Hughes



I can easily say I owe all my success to the Warriors Secret Site and Forum.

If it were not for the education, I would not have been able to have the guts to create my first Ebook "Power Linking Your Way to 1 Million Hits" and I wouldn't have had the vocabulary to convince my partner, Chris Elliott, to BE my partner.

Furthermore, had I not been a Warrior member when I wrote my ebook, I would have been going it alone and would not have met Chris and others who have helped me immensely. I can't say for sure whether I would still be at it or have quit by now. Probably the latter.

As I sit on the precipice of massive success on the net, I remember that I SAT on the fence for over three years as a non-active Warrior member before coming back this year and changing my life forever.

So I can also attest to the fact that this or any other member site and forum is totally useless unless you are READY to take what you have learned and apply it. Once you are serious about the business of making a living on the net, its time to become active in the Warrior Group.

No other place on the net is quite like it!

Jack Humphrey

- help from people who KNEW what Internet Marketing is
- assistance from people who KNEW how to make money online
- inspirations from my future products
- solutions for the problematic situations every one faces on this "adventure"
- answers for what is the best, the worst, the preferable, the avoidable...

...and also to MEET people & partners I need to this online adventure of "making money online".

The Warriors' forum still IS the BEST forum I visit EVERY DAY for the reasons I mentioned above.

For the new-comers I would add that most of the BIG names that made Internet as a way of "living" and getting not just their "expenses" but millions of it begun from here: as ...Warriors! I don't want to mention their names, but you'll see them online in the forum.

Additionally, being a Warrior is some kind of an "honor", too. You see, Allen Says is one of the pioneers of the Internet Marketing. I personally respect pioneers on any field and I learn from their actions, even from their silence sometimes.

There is currently an improvement of the Warriors' Forum that made it "modern" and "fresh" too. It's not an exaggeration to say that the "future" of the Internet Marketing or if you'd prefer of the most profitable projects online starts from here: The Warriors' Forum.

- If you are an experienced marketer you'll find colleagues to talk with.
- If you are trying to find your way on the Net you'll need Warriors (too) in order to get help (and visitors/buyers, too) for your on-going project/product.
- If you're an amateur you'll save time and money (years of time and 1000s of dollars). Period._


p.s. There should be a sub-title under the title of the forum that would say:
If you want to make money on the Net, who you gonna call?
The Internet Marketing Warriors!

p.s.s. When I also chose Host4Profit for my web host I also "discovered" a new era and also realized that all these years with all these different webs hosts I had missed valuable time of my personal success. By that time, I sent a message to Allen stating: Thanks for being online! I repeat it today in public: Thanks Allen - please continue your work; it'll always be the best!

p.s.s.s. Currently we created Turboreferer, a unique script for increasing sales and traffic. Warriors were our first buyers. THANK YOU ALL buddies!

p.s.s.s.s. Sorry for the long message but after 5 years this was the chance to speak about what "being a Warrior" means to you, so I couldn't write less:-) Also sorry for any mistakes or typos - English is not my tongue language (I am Greek).



I'm writing this at 0510 hours. Couldn't sleep. Was thinking about many things. About the future. The past. And everything in between. So I logged on and decided to check the Warriors forum for new posts. Nothing.

Maybe no one is posting. Or the board moderators are busy. Or asleep. Doesn't matter. It still feels comforting to be here, at this board. It's funny how one can get attached to something as intangible as an online discussion board. Feels like "home" online.

It's real quiet right now at this hour. Hours like this make one philosophical. Made me reflect on things. And you know what? I found a deep down feeling of gratitude - to the Warriors, to Allen, to my "sponsor" (I forgot his name. Doesn't seem to be coming round anymore. I believe his last name was Christensen or something similar)

Why the sentiment? I don't know. Maybe it's because of the vision of what I could achieve and become that the Warriors have given me? Maybe because the down-to-earth writings of one Allen Says has inspired me to believe that I can do things I never thought I could even learn? Maybe because of all of you who daily exhibit the desire and the courage to make a better world for yourself, your family and for the world?

Maybe I'm too sentimental. Maybe I'm a "romantic". But what's life without a little romance? What's life if it's reduce to only the bland bits and bytes of network computing? It is the romance that keeps us alive...that makes us fully human...that makes us truly live.

If the Internet Marketing Warriors can inspire and turn a ten-thumb technophobic former klutz like Kenneth Tang into a pseudo-savvy netizen and e-marketer and consultant to local offline businesses, what can't the Warriors do?

I didn't have a background of technological involvement or familiarity. My work (which I have been at for the past 12 years) have been as far away from IT as you can imagine. I train people to fight. See, I'm the state Taekwondo head coach for my homestate over here in Malaysia. Pretty good at it, I might say. But obviously doesn't require touching a computer much. Anything I need done on computers or reports or whatever, I can get my assistants or a clerk to do it. Computers? Uh-uh. No touchie...

Perhaps it was because of my involvement with the martial arts that the name Internet Marketing WARRIORS caught first my eye and then my heart. I don't know. But I'm extremely glad it did.

The Warriors gave me a start...a great start. Sure, there were a lot of false starts and hiccups and a huge learning curve. But the Warriors were always there. I still remember the names of those who answered my first few "dumb-newbie-RTFM" questions without any hint of a grumble, or chastisement.

I remember Bob Silber. And Teresa King. And Bryan Kumar. And Ross Faulds. And many others too numerous to mention. I never got around to thanking them. So I'm doing it now. Thanks, you guys.

The power of the Internet Marketing Warriors lies not merely in its great collection of reports, and scripts and free stuff. The power - the REAL power - of the Warriors lies in its ability to INSPIRE. I still get a kick out of seeing and reading the Warriors' sales site. Call me nuts, but I find it very inspiring to simply go to the sales site and looking at it, and reading the sales copy, again and again.

Reminds me of why I'm online. Gives me a shot in the mind, a warmth in the heart, and a kick in the butt. GO ALLEN! I love the new look of the sales site. But I miss the old one. Sigh...

The Internet Marketing Warriors (invariably, that always comes down to this Forum) is "home" to me. As it can be yours. But we've got to work at it. And work at it we will, if we have a Warriors heart, and mind, and soul. And if we want to continue to make money.

Keep the faith.

Kenneth Tang


Internet Marketing Warriors - The original, and in my opinion the best, private marketing site. If you are serious about your ebiz, and you haven't joined yet - do yourself a favor and sign up. The forum is <b>the best</b>, the resources will blow you away - and once you join, you're in for life.

And for the 'longwinded version' - I sat on the fence for the past year, with the thinking 'why should I pay for a message board when there are tons of free forums, email lists, etc.' and 'I've gotten (some) of Allen's ebooks as freebies already - they're good but - what more can there be worth 50 bucks on the Warriors site'.

I have to say that I've made as many contacts in the three weeks I've been a 'warrior' as I have in the whole previous year on the net. The forum is truly unique - I can't really put into words what makes it stand head and shoulders above other boards - it's not number of posts, not really the quality of posts - maybe it's the variety of topics or the variety of opinions -- or maybe it's the real lack of hype and 'what's in it for me' type of replies that sets the Warrior forum apart. It's a 'what's in it for all of us' kind of feeling. Warriors is the first forum on internet marketing I actually check in on every day.

And as for the resources on the Warriors site - it would probably take at least six months to digest everything that's there (and by then there would be more) - so I was wrong about that too.

Kudos to you Allen - and your Magic Sales Letters is my favorite ebook too.



Where can I start?

I think the forum has been an online treasure chest of wealth building knowledge. I have met many new business partners, associates, and friends.

I would care to venture that many of us have touched lives and inspired people we never even communicated with, as many of you may not know how much you have inspired me.

I have enjoyed Allen's leadership with the attitude that he is like us, not some "GURU" setting in an office somewhere untouchable to the lemmings that would follow his every move.

I have enjoyed Paul and his moderation of the Warriors forum with his tempered responses to some times ludicrous remarks or accusations.

So to us all I say we are one, we are many, we are the "Internet Marketing Warriors"!

Good night and God Bless.

Chuck Thonen

Chuck Thonen


Hi Allen,

Here's my take on your baby:

Perhaps one of the most valuable, profit-reeking places to be online.

The kind of swift advice and money-making ideas I get from the warriors forum is priceless to say the least. I bought almost every known book on internet marketing and nothing, and by that I MEAN nothing, compares to the goldmine of ideas found in this one place.

If there is one thought I could reach out and inject into the mind of everyone looking to make a killing on the Internet, it's to get on the warriors forum - It's worth more than 10 million-dollar marketing seminars put together.

Thanks Allen for everything you've brought my way - I mean that.

Nadim Khoury


"I am so grateful for having found the Internet Marketing Warriors a couple of years ago! As a total newbie to Internet Marketing, I have been able to post my most serious business questions of the moment and have always had the most friendly and helpful reponses you can imagine.

This Warriors community is a community of thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs who really go out of their way to help each other - regardless of what may or may not be in it for them!

My fellow Internet Marketing Warriors have "fast-forwarded" my success and I never hesitate to show my gratitude by helping other Warriors who have questions that I can answer.

I now own several successful money-making websites, and by far the best investment I have ever made has been the Internet Marketing Warriors private website!"

David Espino


The "Cheers" of marketing forums where revolutionary and innovative ideas are constantly being generated. If you haven't made any *real* money or met *real* people through really profitable partnerships then you have never been to this Warrior Forum

Haidon Carter


Hesitant to join (because I had never PAID to join a forum before) I put it off several times. Finally I joined. It is one of the best investments I've ever made! I have had other Warriors give freely to me their time and services and all they wanted back was a "thank you". If I have something that stumps me, I just ask here and I usually have 4 or 5 different solutions within hours. Without going on and on, I want to say that now that I found the forum...I aint leaving!



Just wanted you to know that there are no other forums around quite like the Warriors (I've checked around). I've profited in so many ways: friends local and international (I even became a god-grandmother to a charming little girl in Malaysia), joint ventures, solutions to problems I had been kicking around for ages, some much needed training, great business leads, and some inspiring posts from fellow Warriors. It adds up to one humongous return on a piddlin' investment. Thanks, Allen, for making it all possible.

Sandi Bowman


Dear Allen,

I joined the Warriors back in 1997 when the membership fee to join was $49.95 and when that amount of money was A LOT of money to me. It was a hard decision to make to spend that kind of money at that time of my life, but I can honestly say without reservation, it was the best 50 bucks I've ever spent!

My online business was anything but profitable back then. In fact, I really had no direction... I was wandering aimlessly following the "get rich quick schemes" online trying to figure out how I could make money. The Warrior Forum gave me direction. I was intimidated at first - there were so many people posting that were so knowledgable and I was too embarrassed to post for fear of asking something stupid. Then I saw other people post and I saw the pleasant and helpful replies from the seasoned Warriors. I saw people sharing information just to be helpful, telling about things they've learned or strategies that helped them or even about great
opportunities they heard about.

I lurked for awhile, then I jumped in and posted for awhile, asking questions and trying to answer a few as well. I was surprised to see there were people who knew even less than me there! I found my direction and started making money - it was Great! But I made a HUGE mistake... I quit coming to the Warrior Forum. It was almost 2 years before I would come back again. I can only imagine what I missed out
on in those two years.

Upon returning I found things even better than they were before! More successful people sharing ideas, failures, successes - teaching and learning from each other. I made excellent contacts, built some great friendships, business relationships and taken part in some joint ventures. The forum has not only been educational and rewarding it has helped make me more profitable as well. No matter how much I
learn I always find there are others that can teach me more. Through the sharing that goes on in the forum, I can avoid making costly mistakes that others have. I can also find out about revolutionary new products or profitable affiliate programs. I get to try out other Warriors software or read their informative ebooks for FREE! I get valuable input on products, web sites or ideas just for the asking... many times from those who are considered to be 'gurus' and I get this input for FREE!

I really could go on and on but this would end up as a novel. I just wanted to say "Thank You Allen!" I truly believe I would not be as successful as I am right now if it weren't for the Warriors. Many people have touched my life through the Warrior Forum and probably most don't even know the impact the sharing of their ideas has had on not only my business, but my life.

I don't know if the Warrior Forum is what you envisioned when you started, but I hope it is a source of pride for you - it should be!

May God continue to bless you and your business.

Robbin K. Tungett


Hi Allen,

I figured you might still use my unsolicited testimonial from years back about the wonderful support warrior forum members offer in record numbers and time. So these comments won't be about that but about how I've really profited (cash-wise) by being a member of your forum. It's a long story, but I'll cut to the chase to save space..

I've always been a satisfied warrior member. I paid around $40 to become a warrior back in 1998 or so. Since then a lot of warriors have bought access and/or rights to at least one of my infoproducts ranging from as little as $20 to as much as $500. Many as repeat customers. So I've ended up directly making over 100 times my investment as a warrior member over the years. That's a superb deal in itself.

What's even more exciting is that I hadn't ever thought of creating any e-products of my own until I read Allen Says' "Secrets of an Internet Marketing Warrior". Just one short report from that ebook opened my eyes to the fact that "the real gold is in creating YOUR OWN PRODUCTS". I went ahead and created my first and subsequent eproducts and again, the warrior forum helped put me in front of hundreds of warm, eager prospects already proven to spend money.

Bottom line let it just suffice to say, I owe you a heck of a lot more than $40 for the kind of unrivaled access to positive like-minded marketers you've given me. It "pays" to be an 'active' warrior forum member. It's as simple and exciting as that!

Many Cheers,

Kunle Olomofe



What can I say about the Warriors group that hasn't been said before? Actually, quite a lot! ;-) It would take me a couple of days to come up with a list that would give you and the Warriors site/forum due credit.

But here's a "short" version...

I have spent way too much money on marketing-related stuff, and to date, nothing has come close to providing the value and the quality that the Warriors site and forum has.

The greatest minds of the marketing world come together, at the warrior forum, to share ideas and help other members with their questions and problems. That alone can't be put a price on. I still believe that it's the best marketing forum in existence!

I continue to pick up killer ideas from this forum, and have been doing so for years. If one were to put all this info into manuals, they'd be able to compile volumes and volumes of powerful marketing material.

I've also enjoyed and valued being part of many "firsts" in ideas, strategies, and technologies. It's always a kick to watch how those ideas you come up with start to ripple out throughout the entire marketing world, and how people quickly start duplicating and implementing those same strateiges worldwide.

It's incredible how many people lurk in the shadows and watch closely what goes on in the Warrior forum.

And for good reason! The forum is *over-flowing* with opportunity!

Simply put, this is by far the best investment I've made to help me with my business. The techniques I've learned, the people I've met, and the friends I've made are absolutely priceless! I can't put a dollar amount to that.

I know that this forum (and site) has created many success stories and individuals that have now gone on to become their own experts. And it has helped countless individuals realize their dreams. My business, my profits, and my life, has been improved many times over by being a member of the warrior group.

It's no it is, years later, that I continue to rave and praise the warrior network.

And this is the *short* version :-)

My sincere thanks to you, Allen, for creating the best damned marketing forum in the world!

Bryan Kumar
Success Secrets!


Hi Allen,

I have been a "Warrior" for at least 4 years. I have always found the forum to be not only intellectually stimulating but also very refreshing.

New ideas, new products and yes, always great answers to all my Internet marketing and promotional problems/questions from other warriors who are always more than willing to help.

Laurette Trudeau
Ottawa, Canada


Off-Line or On-Line

The Warriors Forum has the answers!

It has made me a great part-time income with off-line sales and good profits on-line with the same product.

My hard book site ( grew fast after the free insights I received from warriors.

If you want real results. Warrior Forum is the place to be!

Al Dillard

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Allen Says

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