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From: Allen Says
Friday: 10:26 P.M.

Imagine having an autoresponder service that wrote all your followup messages for you. Messages that promote the hottest residual income opportunities on the Internet.

How about one that even created the hottest manuals on the Internet that you could use to get subscribers to sign up to your newsletter or follow-up sales messages?

Better still, how about an autoresponder service that even created great looking sign up forms for you? Web based forms as well as popup sign up forms? All you would have to do is plug them in to start making money and building your lists.

How about an autoresponder service that took feedback from you about what you would like to promote and then created powerful follow-up letters for you so you could promote that opportunity? "is" That Company - We Work So You Don't Have To!

We don't worry about our competition, we'll help you promote them like crazy because the more money we help you make the more guaranteed it is that you'll love and never leave it!

Our goal is to help you create one new income stream after the other. You will have unlimited autoresponder accounts so there is no limit to the number of different income streams you can have going at the same time.

 Check out this list of features....

q You Get UNLIMITED Autoresponder Accounts that send up to 52 emails each! You can use the follow-up messages we create and/or your own.
q You Can Personalize All Messages. Adding your prospect's name to the subject of your outgoing emails has been proven to increase response. There are also 25 more custom fields you can add to outgoing messages.
q Remind people of the exact date and email address they used to subscribe to your autoresponder. This is for your own protection. People are very quick to report someone for "spam" even if it isn't true. This is just one small thing you can do to protect yourself.
q Automatically send out a message a week for an entire year. If you have a little time to search the web for resources that your target market wants to know about then you can send out a simple resource a week and promote your products four times a month every month without lifting a finger. 
q Ready-made code to attract your web site visitors to your sign up forms. If you've been looking for the perfect enticement(s) to get people to join your newsletter or request your free report, you'll have it.
q Your subscribers can click on an unsubscribe link to easily leave your list if they want. This saves you from having to manually remove people when they request to leave your list. You have better things to do with your time.
q Easily send out plain text or HTML formatted messages. It's your choice. Some autoresponders services limit you to plain text messages, but here you will always be able to use the format that suits you best.
q Get every subscribers name, email address and the name of the autoresponder they subscribed to delievered right to your email address.
q You can ask up to 10 questions on the forms people use to sign up for whatever you're offering. You can then use the answers to those questions as personalization fields in your outgoing messages. This works perfectly with our "Players Only Email Marketing Secrets" report. Download it and see.
q You can set up 15 different demographics questions along with the answers they will accept. You can then use this information to contact only those prospects by the demographic answers given. Unlimited possibilities.
q Automatically redirect subscribers to any destination url that you want your subscribers sent to after they have submitted your subscribe form. You can send people to your sales letter or a product you promote through an affiliate program. You Have Total control.
q Use your List WarriorTMautoresponder as a list server to send out messages to your entire list whenever you want to. No need to pay for an expensive list hosting service.
q Easily import your existing subscribers into our system and start them off with your first, fifth or twentieth message! You have complete control over how your list is run. Complete control.
q Quickly and Easily send out broadcast messages to your list! You're not stuck with the pre-written follow-ups your list is already receiving. Say anything at anytime to your list with the click of a button.
q Run your autoresponders from any computer anywhere in the world with the easy to use point & click control panel. On vacation... No problem. You can still keep track of and run your list with ease. 
q Easily export your data! As your list grows you'll want to make back-ups regularly to make sure that all of your hard work is protected. Very important!
q Automatically ban subscribers! Simply enter a list of any email addresses you don't want to accept autoresponder subscriptions from. This helps to keep your list clean. Get rid of email addresses that constantly come up as undeliverable. 
q Get instant notifications when someone unsubscribes and see "which message" in your follow-ups they unsubscribed from. When you see where people leave from you will be able to make changes to keep others around longer. 

 How's that for a features list?

And I didn't even mention the built in Ad Tracking feature. Or the built in "remind me" service. The ListWarrior system is so feature packed I'm probably still missing some things you can do with it.

Member's Only Manuals And Marketing Systems

 We have a manual inside called "Player's Only E-Mail Marketing Secrets", you'll see how to get that manual, customize it with your affiliate ID and turn and another hot program into your own personal little goldmine.

 Player's Only E-Mail Marketing Secrets will show you what the "Guru's" are doing to become so well known. There's nothing stopping you from becoming a big name on the Internet if that's what you want. Or you can just set up special web based sign up forms that create autopilot income streams for you automatically.

Your Success Is Guaranteed!

FACT: Our own success depends entirely on your success so it's in our best interest to deliver everything you expect and more.

Start maximizing the profit from everything you do today by getting an account with ListWarrior. Unlimited ListWarrior accounts are included in the ZeroNet Business web hosting Package.

Allen Says