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You get The Direct Marketing Pro auto responder script. Complete script to run unlimited follow-up auto responders from your own domain. This tool alone can triple your profits and sells for up to $800 US$ on many web sites across the Internet.

You get The Affiliate Master's script. Once you have your own site you can have 100's of other sites working for you as affiliates advertising your site for you and helping you sell your products in return for a commission on the products/services they help you sell. . This script makes it all possible, quickly and easily.

You get The Media Access 7000 database. 7000 Important media contacts! So many members kept asking where they could get the addresses of major media contacts that we went out and tracked down this database of essential media contact information.

You get The e-Publishers Resource Book. This ebook is a source of big profits for those who want to swap e-zine ads, buy advertising space and get articles published with hundreds of e-zine publishers.

You get The e-Book Secrets Book. Written by one the foremost authorities on writing and selling e-books via the web. Ken Silver sells this ebook alone for $39.00 at his web site right now. Ken earned $14,251.00 last month from sales of one ebook alone.

You get The e-Mail Marketing Book. This is the most popular e-mail marketing manual on the web. Learn how to eliminate three costly mistakes that most are making. How To Use e-mail marketing so you never get into trouble with your ISP - no matter what type of business you have, plus a whole lot more.

Affiliate Marketing Magic
This is the ultimate secret to making affiliate programs pay you truckloads of money even if there are hundreds of other people competing with you for sales. This report lays bare the real secret why some affiliates make thousands a month and why some barely ever get a check

Maximum Profit In Minimum Time
This book by Peter Sun contains 11 back issues of his $197 a year newsletter. You will discover some unique and powerful marketing ideas that will work no matter what type of business you own. You'll see a simple technique used by a 19 year old girl that makes her over $1000 a week. You'll see how Frank Kaslik brought in over $40,000 in one month and much much more.

63 Killer Marketing Strategies
89 page Special Report by the world renown Dan Kennedy. There are more cash creating techniques in this report per page than there are in some 400 page courses you see being sold today. No matter what you sell, this report will help you sell more of it.

The Master Key System
This book is so deep I damn near drowned. It is said that Bill Gates read this book right before he made his billions. That's probably just a made up marketing ploy, but the concepts you'll learn in this book are unbelievable.

Influence: How To Exert It
Yoritomo-Tashi, whose precepts are presented in this book, ranks as one of the three greatest statesmen that Japan ever produced. He was her most illustrious Shogun, and also founder of the first Japanese dynasty of Shoguns. Yoritomo was one of the most influential people to ever walk this earth, find out what he knew and why he could so easily influence others by reading this rare book.

A Look Inside The Mind Of A Marketing Genius
There are few people that speak the truth like Michael Ross. This Shocking Interview is a little too strong for some people to handle but it's the brutal truth about marketing, and you should know it.

The Magic Floppy Report
A little known marketing technique that is so irresistible that it has pulled an incredible 27% response rate. Meaning 27 people out of every 100 order. This special report will have you exploding with ideas.

6 Ways To Outsell Other Online Resellers
Become a super affiliate, killer strategies for outselling other online affiliates, even though you are selling the exact same thing at the exact same price.

J. Paul Getty's Wealth Secrets
One of the wealthiest men the world has ever known. Now his secrets are yours to learn and profit from. Enough said.

How To Write Top 10 Doorway Pages
YOU NEED SEARCH ENGINE DOORWAY PAGES TO GET TRAFFIC! There is no getting around it if you are just starting out. I've used them to generate thousands of dollars and build up new businesses from nothing

Internet Cash Machines
The first & still the best version of the short report that took the Internet by storm and was responsible for over $300,000 in profits the first six month's for one of our businesses. This is the simple, but oh so powerful, report that was copied by no less than 5 well known 'guru's' of Internet marketing.

Seven Keys To Financial Freedom
Another great report from the twisted mind of Michael Ross. How to make all the money you want and still enjoy life. Learn how to balance success in all areas of your life.

How To Make A Full Time Living Selling 
How to sell Out Of Print And Collectible Books On The Internet. 159 pages detailing a simple business that anybody can run from home. Step by step instructions and secrets that the author uses to make over $50,000 a year

Advertising Surgeon Shows No Mercy
Dissects dealers' ads right before their eyes. A special report from one of America's most beloved copywriters. Whitman cuts to the heart of powerful copy and shows you what not to do.

Ad Copy Surgeon STRIKES Again!
One of the best ways to learn about writing copy that makes people buy you products or services is by watching a master copy writer tear apart existing ads to show you what is wrong with them.

Magnetic Sales Letters
281 pages of the hottest proven sales letters ever written. This book gives you the opportunity to duplicate the copy writing of some of the most talented copywriters of our time. Sell tons of products by copying Success.

Profitable Careers In Information Sales
More and more average, home-based people the world over are making their fortunes selling information. This report is sure to give you some ideas you can take to the bank.

55 E-Book Marketing Opportunities
Have an e-book? Here's how to promote it in 55 different ways. Create massive exposure for your e-book by following these step by step instructions which few people even know about and even fewer still utilize to their maximum potential.

The Movie In The Mind Strategy
Will make your customers slobber on their keyboards over your products/services. Do you know how to control what your reader sees in his/her minds eye? Do you know what the best movie to play for him/her is? Well, this ebook shows you precisely how to exploit this strategy and turn visitors to your website into buyers.

How To Give Your Business A Big Edge
Michael Ross Strikes Again!. Hardcore marketing lessons that put you at the top of the crowd. Want to make your business irresistible? Then Michael Ross' lessons are a must read.

The Subconscious Mind & Trigger Words
Explode your response rates with this simple strategy that makes your ads pull 10 times the number of responses than your competitors ads pull. This report details the single most powerful truth you need to know about marketing on the Internet.

Transform The Ordinary Into The Irresistible
Learn how to rivet peoples attention to literally everything you write. You'll learn how to grab their eyeballs with a pair of vice grips and not let go until they buy.

Master Steps To Building An Online E-Zine
A step by step plan to creating your own high profit e-zine. It's not as hard as you might think with these ideas. Many Online ezine publishers earn well over $100,000 a year.

Follow-Up Autoresponder Script
Set this script up on your own domain and run all the follow-up auto responders you desire. The rights to this script was purchased for $5000 and this script alone is selling on websites for $850. I will tell you right now though that it is easier to crack coconuts with your teeth than it is to set this thing up, but many of our members have mastered the installation of this script and will install it for you for a few modest dollars.

Irresistibly Magnetic Words
Draw the reader's attention to your ad and away from your competitor's ads. When I learned of the real power certain words have I literally tripled the business I was doing overnight. This is the real secret to standing out from the crowd, a very useful skill to have when you market on the Internet and your ads are generally surrounded by your competitor's ads.

The Insider's Guide To Direct Mail
A product creation system that makes coming up with a product that people want to buy a real 'no brainer'. How to create a profitable direct mail project starting with less than $400. The easiest and cheapest way to come up with a list of people that want to buy your products and much more.

More eBay Secrets Revealed
Awesome 154 page ebook reveals the secrets others just won't share. Powerful ways to start making a six figure income on eBay. Unique ideas you won't read in any other book about profiting on eBay.

Digital Selling Power Manual
69 Pages of powerful information. The private marketing and selling strategies of an Internet Self-Publisher. Selling digital products is the best way to make quick income online. Find out how to do it the right way from one of the best.

Affiliate Master Server Script
A complete affiliate program script. Looking to start your own affiliate program? If so here is a simple script that gives you all you need to do just that. Put it on your domain and start recruiting people to sell for you the same day.

10 Deadly Marketing Mistakes
Revitalize your business, virtually Overnight! This is one of the best reports you can get your hands on. 99.9% of all businesses on the net and off are making many of these mistakes, and they are easily corrected

Electronic Publishing 2001
213 Pages Of Detailed Information. Experience the excitement and profits of Electronic Publishing. If hundreds of other people can make $5000, $10,000 even $30,000 a month, then you can do it too.

The ePublishers Resource Book
Want to arrange a joint venture with an ezine owner or look for successful newsletters to advertise in? This massive database of ezines can serve up all the contacts you can handle.

The Small Book Of BIG Ideas
You could take one of the ideas and expand it and turn it into an information product by using the skill you learn in 'The Insider's Guide To Making Money In Direct Mail, A Step by Step Guide That Guarantees Your Success.

Cash Flow Secrets
Point by point blow of some of the most successful methods and ideas used by some of the top marketers online today. The easiest way to make money is to listen to those already doing it.

E-Book Secrets Of A Master
How to create & sell your own profitable e-Book on the web. A Huge 420 Page eBook by Ken Silver, the master of online ebook marketing himself. There's nothing like selling an eBook on the web that people can download automatically. Instant Access - it's irresistible. It takes advantage of one of our most pervasive desires. The desire to have it Now! Let Ken show you how to do it the right way.

E-Mail Marketing Strategies - Revealed
If you are serious about Internet marketing you will soon learn that e-mail is the most powerful wealth building tool ever created. This book will show you all the steps of capturing every email possible. You also get the rights to sell this ebook and keep all the profits.

The Ultimate Ad Tracker Script
Track every click from your advertising with this powerful script. This script is something you MUST have on your domain. It's the only possible way to know which of your ads are actually working to bring visitors to your site and which ones are a waste of your money.

The worst mistake you could make is to try and and go at it alone, you don't have to struggle for weeks or even months trying to find solutions to problems which you will invariably encounter on your way to success.

You can get instant and educated answers from people with years of experience in this industry, which include some of the single most successful business people in the industry, bar none.

"Here's what one of our members has to say about the Warrior's Forum.

"I've long understood the value of having someone with experience provide timely and accurate advice in a time of need, that's why I've spent upwards of $400.00 to get access to such forums on other sites. But, they just can't compare to the sheer magnitude and quality of the advice available at the Warrior forums, these forums are a goldmine"-- J. Raymond

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