"The Hard-Core Ramblings Of
A Marketing Maniac"

From: Allen Says
Monday 8:47 P.M.

 This is not a sales letter. Just a page letting both current and potential Warrior members know about the "GuruKiller Series" of letters. This letter is definitely only for those members who like me...no one else will be able to handle it!

 I'll be writing in a totally personal and uninhibited manner about all aspects of making serious amounts of money. This will certainly be no freebie newsletter. Only paid members will be getting their hands on these letters because I'll be releasing new ideas that I probably shouldn't be letting go of.  I'm confident that the ideas you get here will be worth much more than your monthly fee for WarriorPro.com. If you liked all my previous writings then you'll definitely love the GuruKiller Series. There's only one requirement, you must have a thick skin and an open mind.

 Some of the things I'll be writing about are....

  • Why Anybody Can Be A Millionaire (The Bald Faced Truth About All People)
  • How To Get 1000 People To Pay For Your Next Product (Guru Style)
  • Why You Should Be The First To Create A W.B. (How And Why)
  • What You're Really Selling And How To Grasp Its Power
  • Do Web Sites Have An Aura? (You Better Find Out)
  • Fake Tabloid + Affiliate Programs Tactic (Absolutely Unreal)
  • The Public Has A Hidden Desire That Can make You Millions
  • How To Open Your Prospects Mind Before You Try To Get In
  • And Much much more...

For all the Warriors that have been waiting for me to start writing again, your wait has not been in vain. I'm going to pour everything out into these letters and see just how much money we can make together.

Start maximizing the profit from everything you do today by subscribing to the GuruKiller newsletter. A free subscription to the GuruKiller Newsletter is included with your ZeroNet Business web hosting Package.

Allen Says

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